Merchandise Distribution Coordinator

My adventure with La Vie en Rose began in 2002.

My first position within the company was in merchandise distribution. Over time, I have seen this company change and evolve, always with the well-being of its employees at heart. I am now a coordinator and still proud to be part of la Vie en Rose, a company that believes in its employees.

Store Manager

I joined La Vie en Rose in 2012 as a junior assistant manager.

Three years later I was able to evolve within the company, and now I am the proud manager of the Promenades St-Bruno store. In a world where how you look is important, being able to help and support customers in their purchases is the greatest reward for me. When a customer walks out of a changing room with the biggest smile, I am confident that my team and I have done everything to make their day better.

Working at la Vie en Rose also means working with caring people who support you in your self development. They support, acknowledge and listen to me. It is also part of my job to support my own employees. Being a part of their life and contributing to their learning, both professionally and in their personal life, is a great privilege.

I am proud to be part of the big la Vie en Rose family.

Applications Team Leader

I have been working at la Vie en Rose for 10 years, a company that deeply trusts its employees and considers them as its greatest strength.

I started as a web analyst programmer in 2010 for 4 years. I am passionate about technology development, and was also curious about its use in digital marketing. A manager position was also a career goal I wanted to achieve. Then the company offered me the opportunity to switch departments to become the e-commerce manager. It was a rewarding experience that allowed me to grow and develop my skills in management.

La Vie en Rose believes in its people and helps us achieve our career goals. The organization allows flexibility, both personally and professionally. They listen to our ideas, take them into account, helping one another is part of the values and we always feel valued by what we do. Today, I am now a digital project development manager in the IT department and I am lucky to work with passionate people in a motivating and inspiring atmosphere.

Merchandise Allocation Lead

I have been with the big, beautiful la Vie en Rose family for 15 years.

From the start, it has been a rewarding adventure that I have been living on a daily basis alongside unique, dedicated, visionary and passionate people. La Vie en Rose is a company that not only want the satisfaction of its loyal customers, but also the happiness and well-being of its employees.

They are always on the lookout for new ideas and technologies that lead the company to surpass itself, and constantly question themselves in order to always be able to offer the best. Being lucky to grow within this company also means actively participating in its growth. I can’t help but I feel proud to be part of la Vie en Rose every time I talk about my job.

Store Manager

Starting at la Vie en Rose at 26 as a Manager was my best job experience because the company recognized my work.

My greatest pride is to be part of this company, which has allowed me to grow and meet great challenges. My career plan was to evolve in the company while successfully managing my family life. I am so blessed to have been able to achieve this thanks to la Vie en Rose, which has given me the opportunity to combine my job and my family life. I am proud to work for la Vie en Rose because even after 14 years, I am still passionate about my job; a job that has allowed me to get to know people I truly like today.

Provincial Sales Director

It's now 15 wonderful years that I've worked for this beautiful company, la Vie en Rose!

La Vie en Rose has employees with a sense of humanity that are passionate and hardworking.  The company believes in the development of its employees. I was able to profit from opportunities that were offered to me to develop myself and grow professionally. I had the chance to participate in the business expansion and development in Ottawa and Toronto. They put their trust in me and this allowed me to develop myself and improve my English.

I started my career at the store level at la Vie en Rose and now I'm a Regional Sales Manager. At la Vie en Rose, each employee plays an important role and we can all make a difference. Our lovely team puts emphasis on constant evolution. We do not fear change because we believe in continuous improvement and innovation. I consider this company as my second family. I am fortunate to work with people I love and admire.

Replenishment Coordinator

I’ve been working at the la Vie en Rose distribution center since 2005. I was hired as an order fulfillment clerk. After which they offered me the position of replenishment clerk whereby I verified the quality and quantity of merchandise received. I am proud to be part of the great team at la Vie en Rose and to have contributed to its success. During my years here my supervisors have always been honest with me and I thank the company for believing in me and giving me the chance to develop myself professionally.

I am proud to contribute to this adventure and I’m always ready to make every effort to help this great company grow and achieve its objectives.

Supplies and Warehouse Coordinator

I started working at La Vie en Rose in 2008, at the store located in Ste-Dorothée, as a summer job.

Following my in-store experience, I got the opportunity to be transferred to the distribution center where I worked in the shipping and receiving department. After a few years, I was transferred to the head office and throughout the years I was able to gain experience and get to the position of the warehouse and supplies coordinator.

For the past 11 years, I have been able to evolve and grow within a company that believes in its employees and is constantly growing all the while giving it’s employees the opportunity to innovate.

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