Frequently asked questions

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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

I forgot my password, how can I sign in as a user?

You can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgotten password” tab. A new password will be sent to your email address.

How can I apply for a position in a la Vie en Rose store?

You can consult the list of Job opportunities in stores on our Careers page. You can select and apply for the positions that are suitable. You will receive a confirmation message following each application.

We suggest you also visit your favourite la Vie en Rose or Bikini Village store to drop off your CV in person. You can discuss employment opportunities with the team and find out if there are any job openings at this location.

Is part-time employment in stores possible?

Yes, we offer both part-time and full-time positions in stores. All you need to do is apply either online or in store to give us your CV and availabilities.

Do you offer seasonal positions?

We sometimes need to hire employees for specific periods, either for specific projects or very busy times of year such as the holiday season. Our job postings will indicate the duration and status of the position.

How can I apply for a head office position at la Vie en Rose?

You can consult the list of positions available at the head office or at the distribution centre on our Careers page under Job opportunities

I can’t find a posting that corresponds to my job search criteria, what can I do?

We regularly update our job postings. If the position you are searching for is not currently available, we invite you to regularly keep checking our Careers site. You can also send us an unsolicited application and sign up for our job alerts.

What happens once I have applied for a job?

For a position in stores, your application will be sent to the hiring manager of the region you wish to work in. For a position at the head office or in the distribution centre, your application will be sent to our human resources department. We will evaluate your application and may contact you directly if your profile corresponds to the position.

How do I find out if a position has been filled?

Since we regularly update our job postings on our Careers site, you will notice that once a position is filled, it will be removed from the postings.

How can I increase the chances of my application being considered?

Ensure that your CV is up to date and include a concise cover letter with your application. When creating your application profile, it is important to provide as much information as possible so we can properly understand your profile and easily find it during our job applicant search.

Do you offer internships?

Yes, we offer the possibility of completing an internship in store or at the head office to expose you to all the various tasks associated with the different positions within the company. This opportunity allows you to put into practice the theory learned. Another advantage of this program is that several positions are accessible following the internship according to the potential of the candidates and the job openings.

What type of work environment do you provide?

We provide a dynamic work environment where respect, team work and mutual aid are at the forefront. Excellent customer service is our priority.

Is it necessary to have previous experience in sales or the retail industry to apply for a position at la Vie en Rose?

No, not necessarily. According to the position and requirements, we will select the best applicants. We have several positions that require different profiles, so this experience is not necessary for all our positions.

Is it possible to move up within the company?

Yes, absolutely! We greatly value the career advancement and training of our employees. We hope that they can move up and grow within our company.

Is it possible to apply for a position in another Canadian province?

Yes, you can find all the available job openings in Canada on our Careers page.

Does the information I provide on your Career page remain confidential?

Yes. All the information received remains confidential. Only authorized persons will have access to your applicant profile and personal information.

For more information or to reach us, don’t hesitate to email us.